Stairwell & Tenement Lighting

Edinburgh tenement and communal stairway lighting is no longer repaired or maintained by the council. Since 2016 the lighting is the responsibility of the property owners in the building. The owners have a legal obligation to make sure all stair lighting is in working order and does not present a health and safety issue.

Make sure the stairway lighting in your building is operating properly at all times by booking us to maintain or repair it. Our team of electricians are qualified and experienced with tenement stairwell lighting.

Stairway Lighting Upgrades

Our specialist stair-lighting team can help with :

  • Bulb replacement
  • LED conversions
  • Lighting upgrades
  • Time clock issues
  • Time clock replacements

No monthly contacts, just repairs carried out quickly and efficiently at a fair price for all owners. We are available to help with tenement and communal stairwell lighting needs across Edinburgh.