Full & Partial Rewires

Most of us take electricity for granted and we rarely consider how it gets to the sockets we use everyday. In fact, behind most walls and under the flooring, hidden electrical cables carry power to every room.

This system of cables does not last forever, and sometimes requires replacing and upgrading. This is when a house rewiring is required. The team at CapitalVolt rewires homes in the Edinburgh, Lothians, Corstorphine, Cramond, Fife and the surrounding areas.

When we rewire a property, we:

  • Run new electrical cables throughout
  • Upgrade the consumer unit
  • Replace the switches and sockets
  • Upgrade & add lighting/accessories

Why Rewiring Is Essential

All electrical installations suffer wear and tear over time because they’re a working component made up of various parts. We recommend that all wiring systems more than 15 years old should be checked on a regular basis by a trained professional.

An inspection will identify any potential problems that might need repairing, as well as making sure everything is safe.

Does my home need rewiring?

The answer depends on your situation, your future plans and the wiring condition, but usually it’s recommended that rewiring is completed every 25 years.

Rewiring can be a difficult task for electricians who are not experienced or certified in this field and they may try to avoid rewiring by completing temporary fixes. Doing this can cause even more problems.

Before having any extensive refurbishment work on your property, call us in to establish whether a rewire is required. You might find it cheaper and easier to have the rewire completed before work starts, rather than when faults materialise. 

Is House Rewiring in Edinburgh Expensive?

The cost to rewire a property is determined by a range of different factors. At CapitalVolt, we use a quick and efficient pricing strategy so we can give you a competitive quote for the work. Your rewire quotation is a fixed price and will not change unless you alter the specification. Our team is NICEIC and pride ourselves on delivering a first-class service every time. 

Book us to check your electrical system and advise whether it requires rewiring or not. You might only need a partial rewire, we will give you an honest opinion.