Modern Consumer Units Installed

A consumer unit is sometimes known as a fuse box. It is where the electricity in your home is controlled and distributed. A consumer unit contains the main switch, fuses or circuit breakers, and residual current devices (RCD).

If an issue occurs, your fuse box / consumer unit will cut the power in order to prevent fires and electrical damage.  As an important safety feature, consumer units should never be neglected. We replace, upgrade and install new consumer units in the Edinburgh area.

Fuse Board Upgrades

A new consumer unit with RCDs/RCBOs is the safest replacement consumer unit to get. A modern consumer unit will give you more protection at home for you and your family or workforce, by bringing your home or office up to date with current electrical safety standards.

We offer a range of different consumer units to suit your needs. We install split RCD, RCBO & SPD consumer units.

CapitalVolt consumer unit upgrades include:

  • Manufacturer warranty on parts
  • Full Completion Certification
  • £5m public liability and £10m employers liability
  • Fixed Price Guarantee

Does My Fuse Board Need Replacing?

As an essential safety feature for the home, you should ensure that the fuse box is effective. If you’re not sure about replacing your old fuse box, ask us at CapitalVolt. We are happy to check your existing unit and give you an honest opinion about if and when it needs upgrading.

  • It’s time to have your fuse box replaced if it is too outdated to meet modern safety standards.
  • A fuse box replacement is essential if it is unsafe due to damage
  • You need extra circuits for home extensions or renovations
  • You simply want to opt for a safer, modern fuse box. Among the upsides of modern fuse boxes is the inclusion of an RCD or RCBOs. These can serve the purpose of protecting you and other members of your household from electric shocks, as well as other fault issues that can arise.  

Moving a Fuse Board

If you are having renovation work completed on your home and find the fuse box / consumer unit is in the wrong place, contact us about moving it. Older homes were wired many decades ago when life was different and so the original fuse box location might not be convenient today.

Tell us where you want it, or ask for our professional opinion. We can provide some guidance and ideas if you are not sure where to locate it.

Replace Your Fuse Box With A Modern Consumer Unit

Replacing your fuse box might sound daunting, but you can leave it to us. We have upgraded many electrical systems and know how to make the process stress-free.

Call us with your needs, and we will take it from there. Changing your fuse box is not as expensive as you think, but it could save your home from damage or fire.